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 Disconnect Mobile...
 Re-Put the Mobile Bettery...
 Then Connect your Phone to Computer again....
 Please Make sure Mobile better has Power...
>>> Searching Mobile Port...
 Get Mobile Port is:  COM22
>>> Device driver identification: 
 MediaTek USB Port
>>> Mobile Has Connect...
>>> Reading Mobile Hardware Info...Success
 HW_Inf:  8A00 SW_Inf:  CB00
>>> Initialization Mobile ...>>> Sending Auth File To Mobile...Success
>>> Downloading Boot1 To Mobile Phone...Success
 Mobile phone status:SYNC...
 Mobile phone status swtich to :brom...Success
 Make sure Mobile status has in :brom...
 Init Mobile BOOT2 ...
 =====================Flash Type(eMMC)==============
 Flash   Size: 0x0000000747C00000 -> 29820M
 Flash  ID: 0x150100525831344D
 Flash   Name: Samsung_Unknow
 Flash symbol: RX14MB
>>> Swich Mobile to Hight Speed Re\Wr Port...
 Get Mobile Port is:  COM71
>>> Device driver identification: 
 MediaTek DA USB VCOM (Android)
>>> Reading Mobile Map Data...Success
>>>>Formating Mobile USER Data...
 ADD(HEX):0x0106800000 Size(HEX):0x06403FBE00
 Corresponding operation completed!!!

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